About us

We, Michael, Heike and our twins Leonie and Elias, live in a small town called Dissen, which is situated at the foot of the Teutobug Forest, somewhere in the southern part of Low Saxony.
In summer 2006 we bought an old house with a huge garden in Dissen, only a stone's throw away from the Teutoburg Forest.

We have been gaining experiences with Terriers for more than 15 years now, with Cairn Terriers as well as Yorkshire Terriers. After the death of our Yorkshire Terrier bitch "Atalia" in may 2005 we could not stand living without a dog for more than three days. Thus, we opted for another Terrier. Since the children had already been older and I was less occupied with them, we wanted bigger and harder running one.
We soon found what we were searching for: the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. On may 14th 2005 we got "Orpheus" from the kennel "vom Diekhof".
With his charme, his fidelity and his irish pighead, he turned our whole life topsy-turvey. He is a great friend and playmate for our 16-year-old twins, who have great fun rollicking about with him. His boundless affection to "his children" fills us with enthusiasm anew every day.

Our dogs

As the owner of a family dog, we fell in love with a dog a second time. The Wheaten Terrier bitch "Hopla Whisper" from Denmark won our heart. Whisper is tremendously temperamental and soon took the lead in our home.

From Whisper's first we kept one puppie - Angelina Jolie. We were immediately took her into our heart and she will always be something special for us.

Family portrait

Our Wheaten Terriers love contact with children, after all they have to accept our children and a lot of their friends every day. Their motto: the more kids the better! Our dog Orpheus has a particularly close relation to our daughter Leonie, since Orpheus chose her and Leonie chose him amoung all the little puppies. They have got every trust in each other and Orpheus accompanies Leonie nearly everytime and everywhere she goes.

We are proud that we can make it so easy for our children to grow up with dogs.

Do you want to become acquainted with our dogs and us a bit further? Get in touch with us. We are always looking forward to meeting other people who enthuse about dogs as much as we do.