About Wheaten Terriers

The Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a medium-sized, well-built and robust dog that is perfectly suited for families with children. They originate from Ireland, where they have already been known for about 200 years. Their duties included watching, herding and hunting small game. In spite of their long history, they were not recognized by the Irish Kennel Club earlier than 1937. Their name comes from their silky, thick and wheaten-coloured coat.

After two or three years, their coat is completely full-grown. There are different kinds of Wheaten Terriers, who basically distinguish themselves in their coat. Nevertheless, its hair does not shed like most dogs. Though his coat needs to be crewed out in order to prevent tangling.

As Wheaten Terriers are fairly active, they need suffiencent movement. They are sociable, adaptable and friendly, demand love and affection, but require a consistent education as well. They are intelligent pals who love playing a role in family life.